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When tender documents are targeted and distributed directly to tenderers, and tenders are delivered digitally, you save time and resources. Experience shows that tender costs can be reduced by up to 90% by giving tenderers online access to tenders via RIB's platform. 

The entire process, from tender specification to assessment of incoming tenders, becomes far more efficient. The material is collected in one place, tenderers are notified automatically about changes and can even download and print the selection of materials they need. No miscommunications, no time waste.


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CASE  St. Olavs Hospital about RIB Tender

St. Olavs Hospital about RIB Tender



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Benefits of RIB Tender


✔  Simple and secure method

With RIB Tender, tenderers are given the same information at the same time, ensuring fair and equitable tender process. All incoming bids are 100% secure. 

  Specific delivery requirements

The tendering authority can specify delivery requirements that the bids must meet before they can be submitted, ensuring that all bids meet your standards. 

✔  No additional software

RIB's viewer makes it possible to view and print more than 400 different formats without opening them in a special program. 

✔  Printing of tender documents

You can make a total print order of all tender documents directly to a print provider via the system. 


 ✔  Timely submission of offers

Tenderers will be notified multiple times before the tender deadline and all parties can be certain that the bid will be delivered on time. 

✔  Evaluations and results

The tendering authority can review and comment on each bid, making preliminary sorting easier for the received bids. When results are registered, they are reported directly to all participants. 

✔  Full documentation

Full traceability is ensured for all actions throughout the tender process. The tender and the bids are simultaneously digitally archived for future documentation. 



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