RIB Project is the most comprehensive project extranet solution on the market. 

Project includes all the areas and features a construction project needs, from construction program to delivery.


RIB Project ensures controlled and efficient document exchange; a centralised distribution of documents that extends all the way to the construction site. It creates effective cooperation and optimal knowledge sharing across construction, geography, trade and company boundaries. The overall result is better construction for less money.

Documents and drawings are stored, shared and communicated effectively, safely and quickly, ensuring that all building project parties are always working with the latest applicable version. All project participants are notified of changes automatically. And with our mobile app, you have direct access to all your projects, all the time - even from the construction site. 

The directory structure is set up in advance, and the project comes with a metadata template to access project files and building project documents from individual folders as well as via metadata search. Flexibility and structure go together!

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    With RIB Project, you get:

•   A complete solution from building program to handover
•   Handles both existing and non-existing file versions
•   Compare feature
•  Version sets, version control
•   Integrated 3D and BIM viewer
•   Mobile app
•   Start package and your own advisor during the project
•   Full manual
•  Free telephone and email support
•   History (log) and notifications


Free trial

You can try out RIB Project free of charge... check out this video on how to set up a trial project.

Professional consulting

RIB Project comes with a professional start package. RIB's professional consultants help you set up your project and optimise your processes so you gain the maximum benefit from working with RIB Project.

Your personal consultant will regularly monitor the project and provide the necessary consulting.

You also get a manual, including best practices in a number of areas, to save you time, minimise errors and significantly reduce risks during the project.



Recover your investment ten-fold

RIB Project is the most comprehensive extranet solution on the market. Our customers tell us that with Project, they gain more than ten times their investment back - every time!


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