What is iTWO?

iTWO is the only end-to-end 5D enterprise solution on the market. Using Big Data technology, iTWO integrates business and construction processes, allowing buildings to be designed virtually before physical construction begins.

Cutting edge technology enables the synchronisation of construction models, costs and timetables and the simulation of alternatives faster and more precisely than ever before, so that the project can be optimised to improve execution and profitability.

RIB cooperates with Stanford University and McKinsey & Company to bring modern technology, new methodologies and innovation to the construction industry.

Why choose iTWO 5D?

By integrating visual simulation into physical planning, iTWO delivers peerless benefits directly to the bottom line.

Experience has shown, for instance, that the number of change orders declines by up to 80%, saving time and significantly reducing construction costs.

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Who is RIB?

We aim to change the construction industry from a traditional to an advanced industry with greater competitiveness and profitability for all parties. Our contribution to this change is innovative technology and software in the areas of 5D, Big Data, Collaboration, ERP and Facilities Management, making RIB the preferred partner to the world’s leading construction companies. With more than 700 employees in 30+ countries, we are a global company with key competences that contribute to the performance and vision of our customers. 

Who works with iTWO?

RIB works with the 1,000 largest construction companies globally that share our vision in transforming traditional construction to advanced production. We are proud to work together with some of the most forward-thinking organisations and to have them as our customers and technology partners. 

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