Full overview and documentation
with no time waste 

With RIB Capture, registration and photo documentation for shortage reviews, quality assurance and supervision becomes easy and efficient. No more loose notes, no more duplicated work, thanks to our mobile app. 

RIB Capture is a valuable tool for all parties that perform inspections and document the quality and extent of the work performed. With Capture, records and photos can be used constructively along the way and eventually be included in the overall documentation to supplement checklists.



Introduction to RIB Capture

This video demonstrates why RIB Capture is a market leading tool for effective digital defects management, inspections and quality control.

Whether in the office or on-site, you have access to your data and a complete overview of all registrations and their status - at your fingertips.


All in one workflow

With RIB Capture, registrations, photo documentation, GPS coordinates, floor plan placement
and descriptions are connected into one workflow. 

Take a picture and make a selection

Take a picture and make a selection

Place the image on a floor plan

Place the image on a floor plan

Add floor, contractor and type

Add floor, contractor and type

See all records and their status

See all records and their status


You always have your mobile phone at hand and with RIB Capture you can easily take photos
along the way and continuously collect documentation, synchronised with the server, so your data
is always updated and available on the RIB platform.


NEW: Safety round with RIB Capture

We are happy to introduce a new functionality in RIB Capture: Safety Round. Create a safety roundwith the exact benchmarks that make sense to your company and project, or use our complete template as a starting point.

Configure your safety inspection on the web interface before you go out and use your mobile or tablet to register your observations during the safety round. When done, print out status reports and overviews quickly and easily. 100% digitally - 100% efficiently.

Over hte next few months, we will introduce a series of new functionalities in Capture Safety Round that support individual process requirements. For instance, you will be able to use the integrated communication workflow to delegate tasks related to the safety round, and you will be able to complete individual parts of your safety round.

Benefits of RIB Capture


✔  One tool - many options

You can use Capture for several purposes - such as quality assurance, supervision, defects management and 1 and 5 year inspections. 


✔  Available everywhere

All parties can work productively, whether in the office or on site - on PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones. 


✔  Offline registration

All registrations can be created offline and then transferred to RIB's server if there is no signal at the building site. 


✔  Individually customised

Opportunity for a customised and unique workflow for precisely your process. Use the pre-defined workflows or create your own. 


✔  Print reports

You can print reports for all or selected records, including photo documentation, floor plans and descriptions. 


✔  Full documentation

Full traceability and documentation are ensured, so that any disputes can be resolved using file histories. 


Did you know that you can try RIB Capture free of charge?

How to get started:

1.   Click Login top right on this website - Register as new user if you don't have a login
2.   Go to 'Applications'
3.   Click 'Capture'
4.   Choose which Capture list you want (Defect Management / Quality Control / Safety Round)
5.   Click on 'Capture' in the menu and select 'New' (for Defect Management: please select
      2-level or 3-level process)
6.   Select 'Trial'
7.   Complete info and click 'OK'
8.   Click at the list in the overview to open it
9.   Start populating the list with floor plans etc.

You can make up to 20 free registrations on your demo Capture list.

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CASE  Jeudan about RIB Capture

Jeudan about RIB Capture

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