Value from project start

Our digital project collaboration suite ensures better coherence between design and production, creating efficient work processes, cost reduction and optimal knowledge sharing from the start. RIB's solution can be customised and adapted to your specific project needs - from preliminary design to final submission.


Brochure   3 Good reasons to choose RIB


3 Good reasons to choose RIB


Save 50% on printing

When drawings and documents are exchanged digitally, it can save 50%
on printing and distribution costs. 

Save three times more on resources

Empirical evidence exists that the use of digital solutions for project
management generates both direct and indirect economic benefits, including time savings. 

Invest two per thousand and minimise your risk by 1-2%

RIB's best practice methodology results in fewer errors, delays and misunderstandings, resulting in savings of 1-2% of construction costs.


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