Procurement with iTWO

Transparency and comparability is key when procuring contractor services and materials for construction production.

The integration of this function to your ERP system provides data for further processing, planning and control.

The collaborative working principles behind iTWO extend even to the procurement phase with the possibility to send a template or invite bidding via the web platform.




Bidders are asked to input their prices in specified data fields, matching the work packages specified previously.

Each line is highlighted in the model, which ensures that the bidding party sees the direct link between the package being priced and the specific object in the model.

Client BOQs and calculated cost estimations are compared to incoming bids so offers are evaluated on an objective basis. 



Application screenshot

Application screenshot



Data received in this manner is uniquely comparable and transparent.

The project manager sees a full matrix overview of incoming bids, prices and alternatives, providing him/her with a great overview.

Data is kept over time, making for a comprehensive database of suppliers, material costs and track records for future use.

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