iTWO contains a comprehensive planning and project management module
- or integrates seamlessly with your current planning and scheduling tool.

This is where the construction process is mapped out in detail, taking into account every minute detail of the building elements used in the BIM model, the sequence, interdependencies and durations of tasks associated with the construction project.

iTWO gives you full project management control from start to finish by allowing you to analyse resources, budgets, and deadlines, and match this planning information with the design model and costing.

To meet the needs of both estimators, planners and controllers, iTWO allows for mapping of the estimating cost breakdown structure to both the cost controlling cost breakdown and the scheduling resource pool. iTWO seamlessly adapts to the scope and level of detail required by the different functions and ensures a direct link between them.


This ensures the avoidance of expensive and error-prone data mapping and manipulation and delivers a seamless and fully traceable presentation of project data in different structures.

Not only are all work processes and resources mapped out and programmed from the beginning - iTWO Planning also ensures that the schedule is updated as work progresses to enable you to identify potential issues that may delay work and impact your construction cost. 



iTWO combines GANTT chart scheduling with location based planning - Line of Balance - to ensure that your entire building project is structured optimally across locations, resources and time.

This module can replace other planning software such as MS Project and Primavera, to mention but a few.

iTWO also integrates seamlessly with e.g. Primavera, fully supporting the functionality of importing and exporting schedules.

Application screenshot: Line of Balance activity management in iTWO

Application screenshot: Line of Balance activity management in iTWO


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