schneider+schumacher Construction and Project Management relies on RIB's iTWO platform for tendering and construction projects. The office, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, which has been working as a general planner in the field of construction management and project management, has transferred all knowledge from past projects into the new software. Since last year, new tasks have consistently been worked through using iTWO in the planning phases. Approximately 15 employees actively use RIB’s software platform. Going forward, the office will be working in parallel with model-based processes.

Management at schneider+schumacher aims to systematically optimise project planning phases to thereby accelerate the overall process. By using the bar graphs in the iTWO pricing database, for example, competitive bids can easily be compared, and thus differences can be presented clearly, as schneider+schumacher says.

"With iTWO, we have found a suitable solution for our daily project work," explains Elmar Lorey, member of the Management Board of schneider+schumacher Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH. "A well-structured system for professional construction planning is very important to our company. With RIB iTWO, we can retrieve standard service specifications and components and use those and the master data generated by the system on new projects. This enables us to persistently profit from our project experience. Furthermore, the software provides comprehensive quantity calculations and professional bidder administration. As we are currently working on BIM models, we are delighted to have a solution with iTWO that will enable us to build an integrated 5D BIM workflow along the value-added chain for the future."

For many years, schneider+schumacher Construction and Project Management has relied on RIB’s software solutions for tendering. Now, the company is taking its first steps towards working entirely with BIM (Building Information Modelling) processes.

Source: Verena Mikeleit,