RIB Software is proud to announce the conclusion of a deal with the municipality of Copenhagen in Denmark. RIB has been announced as the winner of a competitive EU tendering process based on quality of solution, price as well as service and implementation.

The client is the largest municipality in Denmark and RIB’s product suite will be applied across all three building departments, covering new build, infrastructure projects as well as the servicing and operation of the municipality’s existing assets.

Copenhagen Municipality has used RIB software on its projects with great success for several years. In fact, based on the municipality’s experience with RIB, they are using digital project management tools on all projects larger than € 67,000, even though they are only required by law to use ICT tools on projects larger than € 2.7 million.

"New Thinking, New Technology and New Working Methods are rapidly changing the construction industry in the Nordic region. I am proud to see how RIB’s technology and the specific skills and competences from our team has supported the client in the last years, leading into a further extension of a great relationship. We believe in having the strongest technologies in the market, but also, our people and their capabilities are of tremendous importance in unlocking the potential and they have done a great job together with the client", says Mads Bording, CEO of RIB Europe International.