It's not only Denmark that sees the sense in using RIB/Docia as a digital platform. In Trondheim, Norway, St. Olavs Hospital is being built - a 200.000 m2 building with a combined construction cost of aprrox. 2 billion EUR. A construction of that size involves a countless number of parties.

To ensure optimal knowledge sharing and effective communication among the parties, Tender and Project are being employed. The client, Helsebygg Midt-Norge (HBMN), purchased RIB/Docia's solution back in 2005 in consultation with NCC. Both price and the solution itself made the choice very simple.

Quality Manager at HBMN, Karl Oscar Sandvik, emphasizes two positive benefits of  the solution in particular; firstly, there have not been any technical problems. Secondly, time spent in dealing with completed drawings has been drastically reduced. When the distribution system is in place, the "secretary can use the time for other activities", he says.

It is not only the client who is enthusiastic about RIB/Docia. Arild Grønsdal from the turnkey contractor, NCC, confirms that NCC has saved several hundred thousands of EUR annually since starting to use the solution. With RIB/Docia, one gets a full history, clarified distribution, and data that is always up-to-date. "It is thus completely inconceivable not to use RIB/Docia on a project", he concludes. The construction of St. Olav's Hospital is expected to be completed in 2014.