Skodsborg Sundhedscenter has chosen to take advantage of the recession and the low prices in the construction industry to begin a major new project.

Skodsborg's renowned Centre - The Vigør Centre - will be torn down in favour of a modern and integrated fitness & spa centre, which brings together Skodsborg's core services. Skodsborg has more than 100 years of history behind them and the new building will combine stunning architectural details with the ancient historical setting

The building will be built in collaboration with the following: the renowned architectural firm Henning Larsen Architects A/S; Moe & Brødsgaard, engineering; Hoffman, general contracting; and Svend Kierkegaard A/S, Landscape Architects. The construction's expected completion is in September 2011.

Skodsborg Sundhedscenter has chosen to employ Project as a common, neutral platform. In this way, communication is streamlined and knowledge sharing between the parties is optimised via the digital solution.