In Computerworld’s list of the best IT companies, impressively RIB/Docia came 8th. Even more impressively, in the Industry Software category RIB/Docia came 3rd. The Industry Software category applies to IT companies, who manufacture software, which is customised to deal with a specific task in a given industry.

Every year Computerworld names the most accomplished IT companies. The source of the entire analysis is the Computerworld Industry Guide, which lists more than 1,000 IT companies.

“Every day our team commit themselves to creating direct value and competitive advantages for our clients through the Software-as-a-Service applications we develop and the solutions our consultants implement in the construction industry. No one else in our industry has the same range of applications as the ones we offer, and no one can prove as much direct value for their clients as we can. That is why we are becoming more and more successful both in Scandinavia and abroad. We are very proud of being ranked as Number 8 in competition with all the other highly skilled IT companies in Denmark,” says Mads Bording, CEO of RIB/Docia.

“We help our clients with specific risk management, cost reduction and minimisation of delays etc. by implementing best-in-class solutions. All our solutions support construction processes, which are traditionally associated with high risk, excessive use of resources or high costs. We streamline them by making them simple, identifiable, verifiable and digital, thus minimising the risks of defects and flaws and consequent expenses. We are dedicated to helping our clients build with ZERO DEFECTS and to achieve direct advantages at the bottom line,” concludes the CEO.

For 18 years Computerworld has been naming Denmark’s most proficient companies, providing a financial “snapshot” of Danish IT companies, as they appear at the end of each financial year.

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