Five bids for Navitas Park have just been submitted for the new 35.000 m2 building complex, Navitas Park at the Bynære Havnearealer in Aarhus, priced at 96 million EUR. Five teams of engineers, architects and contractors submitted their proposals as to how the complex should look.

Navitas Park will be Aarhus' new centre for energy and innovation, where Ingeniørhøjskolen, INCUBA Science Park and Aarhus Maskinmesterskole will share a property, centrally placed in Aarhus' Bynære Havnearealer.

The clients had jointly decided that the complete construction was to be tendered through  Tender in a turnkey competition with participation of five syndicates. Kuben Management is the client advisor; Morten Jørgensen explains: "It has naturally eased the process to carry out the tender digitally, as the tender material has been extensive, concerning 5 huge syndicates of tenderers".

In the coming months the jury will review each suggestion, at which point the winner will be made public in the beginning of June, 2010.
The construction is to be finished in 2014 and will house more than 2,300 students, teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs.