RIB proudly announce the win of one of the most prestigious and important 5D BIM software licence contracts in the global AEC and Infrastructure (mobility and logistic) sector and the largest Phase III deal in our history.

Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) a leading infrastructure provider worldwide, running a “Gross Investments” > 8 Billion Euro within more than 10,000 small, mid and large infrastructure and construction investments each year.

“We are proud to serve for the No.1 infrastructure investor in Europe and support Deutsche Bahn to become the most advanced and technology driven infrastructure provider in the world“, tells Thomas Wolf, CEO of RIB Software.

“We are looking forward to one of our most important technology partnerships in the world. With the integration of the virtual into the physical construction process (iTWO 5D Technology) Deutsche Bahn can become one of the most modern companies in the 21. Century”, says Dr. Hans-Peter Sanio, CTO of RIB Software.

“We have confirmed our capacity in the enterprise-wide implementation of iTWO 5D technology within the construction related group entities of the Deutsche Bahn and we are very proud and satisfied, that we can deliver this record deal within planned schedule. Our target is to reach quick wins in time and cost savings for DB in the first iTWO 5D end to end projects”, says Michael Sauer, CFO of RIB Software.

Deutsche Bahn heralded as one of the best European employers with around 300,000 employees and supported by more than 1000 contractors and consultants working, DB is one of the biggest companies and investors in the EU.