RIB has signed a large contract to deliver its iTWO 5D BIM technology on a USD 1.3 billion metro rail project in India.

The government body envisions a metro railway infrastructure of 38 kilometers and the project is expected to involve hundreds of contractors & suppliers using iTWO.

This would be a landmark infrastructure project that would define industry benchmark for current & future metro projects being planned in India.

Thomas Wolf, CEO of RIB Group, commented: “This contract gives us a strong confirmation that the traditional practices even in public sector currently supported by fragmented tools are now being replaced by the need for a stronger & standardized process on an integrated solution. This is a thrilling direction for RIB and will set a new benchmark for other public sectors in the region to follow.”

Hariprasad Bhat, Consulting Director of RIB Software AG commented: “We are excited about delivering iTWO to this government body as the core business solution that integrates with BIM & ERP. With the integration of virtual to physical construction process with New Thinking, New Technology and New Working method, iTWO 5D technology will be a key element that will help the government body & all the stakeholders to be more predictive than reactive and make more informed decision than ever before.”