Siemens Energy Management have decided to thoroughly integrate RIB’s ITWO solution as their main platform while developing the important showcase project in Europe. The purpose of the showcase project “Nemo Link” is to create an integrated energy market within Europe. The new network is not intended to just improve energy supply in Great Britain and Belgium, which is whom the partnership consists of, but also to contribute to the integration of renewable energies.

Integrated Software Solution

In the field of cost management, the Transmission Solutions department has relied on software systems from RIB for more than ten years. First, the software was only used for the creation of calls for tender and price comparisons. After a few years, all calculation, including bid creation, in the assembly and repair disciplines, was carried out with RIB software. “When constructing high-voltage plants on the scale of the Nemo Link project, the number of participants adding costs into the system and the number of details within the overall calculations represent a significant challenge,” acknowledges Kai Herrmann, iTWO Program Manager at Energy Management Transmission Solutions and he continues “For this reason, we started introducing iTWO by RIB in the sector already in 2015, with the goal of thoroughly integrating the software solution. The system won us over and has in the meantime found deployment in Great Britain and India, as well as in Germany”.

High Quality of Collaboration

In the course of the analysis of the company and project processes for the new iTWO solution, 2-days workshops with the software supplier, took place every 14th day during the first few months. As time went on, the 400 employees, who now all work with the new software, were introduced to the functionalities of the system and learned at the same time a method for optimized calculation which extends over the entire plant engineering project. “In the past, we did this work with many smaller tables. The problem: All details for the overall calculation were manually transferred, meaning errors could easily slip in,” Herrmann explains. “Costly checks can be eliminated thanks to the integrated RIB solution, as with iTWO we all work in one system – from system engineers to tendering management,” he continues. The advantages are obvious: Even detailed information can be easily found. There is no longer a need to trawl through individual software tools. The team at Energy Management Transmission Solutions uses circuit meetings to work together on the project – within a software system. “All in all, the quality of collaboration has markedly improved with RIB,” Kai Herrmann concludes.

About Siemens Energy Management

The Energy Management division of Siemens AG, headquartered in the Franconian city of Erlangen, is one of the leading worldwide providers of products, systems and solutions for the transmission and distribution of electricity. The division supports the development and extension of an efficient energy infrastructure for energy suppliers and industry. A team of experts focusing on planning, erection, maintenance and repair of high-voltage facilities and direct current transmission technologies (HVDC facilities) across the globe.  52,000 employees work for Siemens Energy Management worldwide.