RIB Software is proud to announce the signing of a contract with KEA (Copenhagen school of design and technology). KEA will build a new VDC lab and will use RIB’s cutting edge technology iTWO as its technological platform. With iTWO you can simulate the project virtually in 5D before it is realised physically at the construction site.

Using iTWO, you can simulate different design variables, calculation processes and execution variables, precisely following, controlling and minimising the project risk profile by selecting and deselecting variables virtually before construction starts. The positive results are significant, with improved quality and cost effectiveness through all phases.

The construction industry is subject to continuing digital transformation and the establishment of the new VDC lab is a natural consequence of that. Our BA programme ’Architecture, Technology and Construction Management’ is known for being very digitally oriented and it’s very important for us that our students are always up-to-date within the newest trends of digital construction. The VDC lab will be a catalyst for the students to speak the same language as the industry – whether in internships or after completion of their studies. At KEA, we are very focused on being at the cutting edge of technological development and preparing our students in the best possible way. This is what we are trying to achieve through our cooperation with RIB.
— Henriette Hall-Andersen, Programme Manager at KEA

It is primarily the approx. 1000 students following the Architecture, Technology and Construction Management line that will be educated in VDC. According to the plan, the first students will be introduced to the VDC lab at the beginning of the second half of 2017.

It is important that the whole industry cooperates when it comes to educating the future generation of construction with VDC competencies. We think it’s great that KEA takes the lead. We are looking forward to implement the VDC lab at KEA and to prepare them to educate their students for virtual construction.
— Søren Simonsen, Business Development Manager at RIB