The biggest medical supplies warehouse in Northern Europe will be opened in Denmark in 2018. Owner is Nomeco A/S, Denmark’s largest wholesaler and service supplier to the pharmaceutical industry. Nomeco is part of PHOENIX group, which is headquartered in Germany and one of the largest medical wholesalers in Europe. Standing 30 metres tall and covering an area of 25,000 sqm, the €67.2 million project is one of the group’s largest logistics investments ever.

Nomeco chose RIB’s project management software as the digital project platform. RIB Project is used for digital communication and document handling, tenders are managed in RIB Tender, and the processes on site are handled using RIB Capture, ensuring full control of drawings, documents and processes.

When in due course the building is finished, all operating and property data will be handed over digitally using RIB Digital Handover, so that the warehouse is operational from Day One. The foresight of building owner Nomeco A/S in taking into account the future operation of the facility from the beginning ensures that all core project processes are efficient and fully documented.

But not only RIB’s project management tools are being used on this exciting project. Nomeco A/S has awarded the turnkey contract to Max Bögl, who has used RIB’s iTWO solution for all calculation and estimating processes.

iTWO is RIB’s VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) software, used by RIB’s customers all over the world. Using Big Data technology, iTWO integrates business and construction processes, allowing buildings to be designed virtually before physical construction. As a result, any inconsistencies can be identified, alternatives clarified and calculated, and the best solutions found and implemented.


Project facts:
- Owner: Nomeco A/S
- Contractor: Max Bögl
- Architect: AK83 Arkitekter A/S
- Software supplier: RIB
- Technical logistics solutions supplier: SSI SCHÄFER