The RIB Group today announced the conclusion of a phase II iTWO contract with CDCL, a leading Luxembourg construction company. RIB has now signed the 21st “Phase II” contract of the 25 planned in the current financial year 2015.

CDCL is a leading construction company in the greater region of Luxembourg and beyond with branches in France. The company specialises in residential buildings, industrial construction and industrial engineering as well as infrastructural measures in road construction. It complements this range of services with real estate promotion and services. CDCL regards itself as a leader in innovation and quality, which is also confirmed by the VALIDEO certification for sustainable development in respect of the new energy-efficient headquarters of the company. Furthermore, CDCL won the quality award “On the way to Excellence” in the “Large Companies” category in the Quality Awards ceremony in November 2013, which is awarded annually by MLQE (Luxembourg Movement for Quality and Excellence).

With the decision to use the iTWO end-to-end business solution, CDCL consistently relies on seamless and forward-looking processes. Initially, the most important priority will be the introduction of model-based construction planning and accounting processes with iTWO 5D. The goal is to further increase value added within the company and to raise the quality of CDCL’s cooperation with customers to a new level with virtual planning and project management processes. Further key areas of implementation will be the introduction of iTWO finance and optimisation of the procurement and logistics processes based on 5D models. In the areas of customer and subcontractor management, the new business solution will also assist employees in their daily work with modern electronic and internet-based processes.

Dr Hans-Peter Sanio, member of the Executive Board of the RIB Group, commented: “We’re delighted to be able to continue our long-standing collaboration with CDCL and to enter into a further strategic partnership. CDCL is once again a good example of modern iTWO 5D technology now also increasingly being used by innovative medium-sized companies in Germany and abroad.”