In September 2015, the RIB Group signed the acquisition of a 75% stake in SAA Software Engineering GmbH, Wien. SAA offers intelligent high tech machine control solutions ensuring trouble‑free production throughout the entire production process. As the European market leader in automation of precast concrete plants SAA is serving customers in Europe, North- and South America, Russia, Asia, Middle East as well as Australia and Africa.

RIB Software AG in Stuttgart implies for a Revolution “Made in Germany”. The aim of this revolution is digitalization of the entire value added chain of construction projects by connecting virtual and physical construction. This leads to the positive effect of saving cost and time while actual construction becomes more sustainable.

Investing in SAA, RIB is now standing on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution. In using iTWO 4.0 technology we will enable Architects, Design Institutes and Engineers to simulate production and logistics processes already in the design stage. “Running together” iTWO and SAA experts will enable the construction industry to offer projects more cost-effective, faster and with higher quality by industrial prefabrication of components and component groups. It is the next logical step of virtual planning and construction.

According to the role model of „Industry 4.0“ – characterised through a strong individualisation of products under the conditions of a highly flexible small series production – in the future there will be construction factories running “smart” fabrication of intelligent building elements through Industrial robots receiving their production specifications directly from 5D Models. By intelligently combining project and production processes, companies and entire value-creating networks can be controlled and optimised in real time in iTWO 4.0.

Thomas Wolf, worldwide CEO of RIB, says: “The Construction Industry now has the chance to actively revolutionise the fourth Industry together with us to develop business models and considerable optimisation potential in the production and logistics Industries. We want to support this process, with the future project iTWO 4.0. The aim is the “intelligent construction factory” with its high flexibility, efficient use of resources, ergonomic creation of working places as well as the integration of customers and business partners in the added value processes. The technological fundaments of our project iTWO 4.0 are cyber-physical systems and the IoT (Internet of Things).”