Estimating - Element and Cost planning

Estimating your construction project quickly and precisely leads to sales

Model-based estimating makes for fast, precise and informative costing of your construction project, enabling you to get back to the customer quickly with accurate information. This, in turn, leads to sales and a much more agile service to your clients.

iTWO’s integrated workflows ensure that data contained in digital building models are used for pre-construction visualisation so that quantities and costs are derived accurately and efficiently. Your ability to advise your customer on the best end project is vastly improved with a much higher level of detail provided.


iTWO's Quantity Takeoff module automatically generates an initial Bill of Quantities (BOQ) structure from your Building Information Modeling (BIM) design model.

Application screenshot

Application screenshot


The purpose of the BOQ structure is to understand each and every object in the model in detail. This prepares for calculating and cost estimating processes and ensures accuracy pre-construction planning.

In addition, it can be controlled that every single object in the model is added to the BOQ so that no objects are left out by mistake.


In iTWO's estimating module, prices are added to the established BOQ structure, providing a quantified as well as priced estimate. iTWO provides a visualisation of the context of each BOQ item on the same screen as the estimate. This makes for reduced estimating time and much faster and more reliable communication of the design intent.

Because processes are based on BIM building elements, design iterations will automatically result in revised estimates and BOQs. This enables building design optimisation and reduces construction risk. 



iTWO's estimating software enables users to estimate bids faster and more accurately.

The transition from bid estimate to job estimate is smoother, and thanks to the planned/actual comparison function included in the programme, the entire construction process can be designed in a more easily controllable manner. 

Combining the exact estimate of all building costs provided by iTWO's advanced processes and the desired allowance generates the price quotation to the client. Quickly - securely - reliably.

The benefit: Significantly reduced risk.


iTWO uses model and classing based views to define costs in detail and break the cost structure down into the required detail level, such as resources and materials.

iTWO pulls cost information from the master database within iTWO and calculates construction costs using the quantity takeoff (QTO) and manual additions/adjustments.

Using these cost planning functionalities, iTWO can replace other calculation software such as MAP and SIGMA.


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The iTWO Contract Manager divides contracts into the precise work packages required.

When requesting prices from contractors and subcontractors, these work packages can be weighed against each other in a transparent and comparable manner.

As a result, the procurement of even specific deliveries is extremely efficient. Furthermore, by having all projects feed through a single enterprise system, this provides you with a full overview of your subcontracting needs, volumes, etc, and the total generated quantities and delivery schedules across your project portfolio management (PPM) enable you to ensure leverage in procurement, giving you more buying muscle power.

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