Webinar: Introduction to iTWO 5D

This webinar provides an introduction to iTWO 5D and how new thinking, new working processes and new technology can add value to your construction projects - here and now!

Who should join this webinar? This webinar is relevant to those are responsible for BIM design, QTO, cost planning and estimation, scheduling, project management, project controlling or site reporting. The webinar will give you a clear picture of the newest and most advanced technology for integrated construction planning and execution.

What will be covered in the webinar? The workflow presentation will demonstrate how, through the combination of BIG data, Integrated Enterprise architecture and use of Virtual Design Construction, it is possible to simulate a construction project virtually in all 5Dimensions, meaning 3D model, 4D time and 5D cost. In the iTWO database all these are connected and interlinked so that we can demonstrate the effect a change in one dimension has on the other dimensions.

The benefits of using iTWO 5D are significant, with reductions in change orders of up to 80%, a more stringent cost profile and completely minimized risk.

How long will it last? Expect the session to last 30- 45 minutes.


NB: The time is indicated as UK time - please be aware that actual time in your country may differ.
The webinar is conducted in English and is 60 minutes long.


You and your colleagues can participate in all our webinars free of charge.

All you need

All you need is a computer with sound connected to the Internet.