Deliver digitally and minimise resource consumption

RIB Digital Handover ensures effective and systematic collection of operational information. Ongoing data collection makes it possible to impose requirements for operational information and thereby ensure high quality in delivered materials. Delays in the delivery process are avoided and all operational material is ready by the deadline. This way, developers can use and operate the building immediately. This saves time and avoids problems.


Benefits of Digital Handover

✔  Overview and efficient collection of information

✔  Direct savings and significant time savings

✔  Fewer potential misunderstandings and disagreements

✔  Well documented and secure database

✔  Suitable for later building control inspections


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Get ahead from the start

When information is stored digitally, you don't have to contend with thick binders and boxes. Data is delivered as manageable, systematic and well-documented operating materials. When building operation and maintenance is taken into account from the start, it is easier for all parties to produce and deliver the desired data.

It will also be easier to document problems at building control inspections. With RIB Digital Handover, successful transfer of the completed building construction is ensured.


The process of digital handover

1. Data collection

In the first phase, data is collected to set up the digital handover. The developer/operator can also decide what data should be used and thereby set the right requirements for the data to be delivered.

2. Setup

The digital handover is set up with land, users and building element cards, so that everything is prepared when the contractor needs to submit building component information.

3. Data entry

This phase is the beginning of the actual delivery, when contractors and suppliers begin to enter information regarding the operation and maintenance of building elements.

4. Subsequent processing

Once qualified professionals have reviewed the entered information, the contractors' recommendations are structured and streamlined to generate an actual operating plan that can be directly used by the operating organisation.

5. Transfer

Once the operating plan is set up, it is transferred to the operating staff, who also receive thorough training in using the operating tool.


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