Controlling and financial reporting made easy

In an increasingly competitive construction industry, the key is to find a way to reduce risk and maximise control.

iTWO Controlling ensures that the project is created and managed efficiently and that decisions are made based on clear facts and transparency.

iTWO supports the process of Earned Value Management and operates with terms such as billed quantities, installed quantities and planned quantities within defined reporting periods.

iTWO's Controlling module contains both a dynamic reporting function as well as a dashboard overview for management.


Being on top of your project financial status enables enhanced decision making, better cost controlling and leaner invoicing processes.

Working in iTWO takes away the lag in payment information by providing the project manager and controlling team with the correct payment picture in real time. Based on the continuously updated project schedule, payments can be forecast in the system to provide an exact picture of the project's financial status at any given time. Furthermore, it allows you to turn the process on its head by enabling you to issue billing requests to subcontractors and suppliers, thereby staying in full control of the payment schedule.


Project planning information from the building site is delivered from the Site Management module, in which updates are entered on a tablet on-site. When work is performed, this is input on the tablet and when it is synchronised, the information is automatically fed into iTWO and visible to the project manager.

Application screenshots: Drill down reporting

Application screenshots: Drill down reporting

Fully configurable and dynamic reporting allows you to drill down to any level of detail required. Information is delivered instantly and dynamically, thus avoiding the use of resources to collate and present the information to management.

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Ensures well-structured governance

Predefined KPIs are set in iTWO’s Project Controller and they can be monitored either by project or across your entire project portfolio.

iTWO contains both the extremely advanced controlling module but also the management focused KPI Dashboard, a tool developed in partnership with McKinsey Consulting.

Control Tower

The iTWO Control Tower provides an excellent dashboard overview that makes it easy to navigate even the most complex of projects.

Tasks can be created directly from the iTWO Control Tower to address questions specific to the KPI for further understanding.

With iTWO’s advanced VDC approach, the road to flawless efficient construction is clear. 




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