BIM Model Quality Check

With RIB's BIM quality assessment module, you take control of your BIM Data. Data exchange is seamless in e.g. IFC format.

This module allows you to combine multiple design models into one and verify that the BIM model contains all information required for construction. Model checking for quality is an important first step to ensure that you are receiving the required information.

Pre-defined rules for quality validation are used to interpret the different model data correctly.

Consequently, imported BIM models can be designed in any program and without iTWO training - the program automatically interprets the data to allow for further analysis.



BIM data is imported into iTWO from BIM authoring tools such as Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, TeklaStructures, Bentley Microstration, etc., using a standard plugin.

Seamless data exchange in IFC format
Data exchange can be in native file format or for instance internationally recognised IFC format. Your design teams will not need any iTWO knowledge or license.

Advanced clash detection and error detection provide you with critical visualisation of the match between architectural and structural designs well in advance and helps you optimise your final building design.




ITWO clash detection is similar to Solibri Model Checker and can replace that and other clash and interference detection tools.

Clash reports to analyse both individual and combined models are available.

The overriding purpose is to ensure that the joint model is full and adequate and of a quality that can be used for production, thereby bringing about a vast reduction - up to 80% - in change orders.

These pre-construction checks are necessary in order to reap all the benefits of using advanced construction software.


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