Do you need to collect and share drawings and other project documents?

With Project Basic, you get all Docia's core extranet functionalities in one simple and extremely affordable package. And you still benefit from a series of advantages and benefits that make your life easier and save you time and money.

In the interest of simplicity, we created a folder structure that makes it easy to set up the rights of the different internal and external users.

Whether you are creating new user accounts or conducting ongoing maintenance, this extranet solution could not be simpler.


Project Basic is particularly suited for projects where the collection and sharing of drawings and other documents are key. What's more - you benefit from the core functionalities you may know from our larger extranet solutions, such as our built-in 2D and 3D BIM viewer, full log, and version control for gateway documentation.

Project Basic lets you upload and download files easily. You can even edit files directly on the server - no need for download. You can create, name and delete folders and user groups at the click of a mouse, and it is easy to define the access rights to your file folders. Invite new users from within the organisation as well as externally and set their user rights. Project Basic is simple, intuitive, quick.

Project screen.png

With Project Basic you get:

  • Intuitive and effective sharing of drawings documents and 3D models
  • Drag-and-drop upload and download
  • Full revision and version control - special feature for gateway documentation 
  • Intuitive and easy2use user rights settings
  • Automated email notification to users when changes
  • Mobile access to all project folders and files on Android or iOS
  • Built-in 2D and 3D BIM viewer
  • Free screen share setup meeting


Your project data is stored securely in our external server environment, which runs at 99.9% uptime.

Because Project Basic is a Software-as-a-Service solution, your users will not need to install software on their individual PCs, Macs or tablets.

You are always working on the latest version of our software and we handle everything else.

Free support

Our professional supporters provide free technical support
for all users via email and telephone.

We also offer free webinars on a regular basis.